Thursday, October 13, 2011

Selection and Design of your Wedding Cake

A lot of brides are on a learning curve through their wedding planning. I thought it would be good to use this beautiful Green Cymbidium Orchids Wedding Cake to show how we go about the design process and help them create what they dream of for their big day!

I always recommend a tasting session for wedding cakes, and encourage bride, groom and some close family or friends to participate. That makes the tasting a really fun event, the Groom's often come in skeptical and walk out passionate about cake and the choices they make! They chose tiers of almond cake with dulce de leche cream, and chocolate fudge cake with white chocolate cream filling.

The tasting session usually lasts 20-30 minutes, which then gives us another 30 minutes to talk through and sketch a design.

I ask the bride to bring whatever material swatches, color cards, invitations, photos or other elements that we might incorporate into a design. She actually lent me the original stamp she used to make her own hand-creafted invitations. So by stamping our fondant ribbons with that design we obtained a perfectly personalized touch.

We ended up creating four tier ivory fondant wedding cake with a quilted diamond pattern and silver beads. A purple fondant ribbon and embossed ivory ribbon surround each tier.

The majority of our brides choose sugar flowers that I make. However in this case the bride chose Fresh Cymbidium Orchids to finish off the cake, which we ordered from Lotus Petals in Maplewood NJ.

Delivered to the Orange Lawn Tennis Club in South Orange NJ.

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