Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tilting Split Sand and Sea Birthday Cake

Here was a challenge. One of our customers, inspired by Christopher Garren's Opposites cake on Amazing Wedding Cakes, asked us to make a split three tier birthday cake with a sand and sea theme! 

We designed a stable base to allow sufficient support for the tilting design, split down the middle.It is covered in edible sand and seashells! The bottom tier is a sand color fondant with flower cutouts, while the top tiers are a blue sea fondant with waves and fishes.

The tiers have almond cake with dulce de leche cream filling, red velvet cake with raspberry cream filling and chocolate fudge cake with cappuccino cream filling.

Created for the birthday of two twins, so we incorporated a series of favorite items for each one: Spiderman, fairy, high heel sandal, Converse shoe, Spongebob CD, a bikini. Delivered to a party in Clifton NJ.

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  1. Amazing looking cake! I was wondering if the inner part of the cake where it splits down the middle is open cake or also covered in fondant? If open cake, would the cake dry out a little?