Sunday, December 11, 2011

Suzuki GXR Bike Groom's Cake

This was a tough one, a motorbike cake modeled on the groom's Suzuki GXR. How do you make enough cake to fit inside a motorbike, and keep it standing? I never even rode on motorbike!

Simon started out by building a wooden frame, that would allow us to build up to the seat and leave it overhanging the rear wheel, as well as supporting the front end. Sorry, I was so busy I didn't take a picture of the frame, will have to stay a secret!

Inside is red velvet cake with cream cheese filling. Then we built up the cake with the engine block, fuel tank and seats. A black leather jacket with the groom's personalized 007 logo lays across the seat.

We delivered the cake to a wedding reception at Sterling Gardens in Matawan NJ.

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