Thursday, December 22, 2011

Black and Red Gucci Handbag Cake

I was called on by a customer whose wife loves Gucci, and he wanted to surprise her for a birthday party in Atlantic City NJ. He chose a handbag design with red, black and white colors, and the fondant is embossed with the Gucci logo. Inside is a white vanilla cake with strawberry cream filling, carved into a Gucci handbag.


  1. 超人気のグッチGGプラス トートバッグ/ハートにつれてのGUCCI 財布新作が待望の登場!重点となっているグッチ 長財布は超人気!!これらのGucci 製品がどれもこれもすきだ!!ほんとに綺麗!!