Friday, July 23, 2010

How to make Vanda Orchid sugar flowers

I thought it would be fun to share with you how I make sugar flowers, in this case I am working on some bright orange Vanda Orchids for a wedding cake.

First of all I gather together the necessary tools: small rolling pin, ball tool, cloth covered wire (20g and 24g wire), Vanda Orchid cutter set (throat and petals), veiner, petal mat with clear cover, a thick and a thin foam pad, plus floral tape.

I color and roll out sugar paste to cut out the throats. On the thin pad press the ball tool into the center of the upper section, cupping upwards. Then I ruffle the sides of the lower section. For the tongue, roll out a ball of sugar paste into a small cylinder shape.

With a needle tool mark a line in the center. Insert a damp hooked wire (20g) into one end, pass it through the center of the throat, stick it with a dab of sugar glue and let the whole thing dry having placed them in the forming trays (egg cartons!)

For the petals, roll out the sugar paste, press with a Vanda Orchid veiner, cut out the petal and insert a wire carefully. On the thin foam pad, lightly thin the edges with a sugar flower ball tool. Let the petal dry flat and repeat with the rest of the petals (5 per orchid).

Each set of petals and the throat is assembled by wiring the pieces together and then wrapping white floral tape around the wires. Next I dust the flowers with petal dust to match the desired color scheme.

Here is a close up of the final result. For the wedding cake I was preparing, I attached each flower to a long brown stem.

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