Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Cake Fiction Has Moved to a New Location in Long Valley NJ

Hello Cake Fiction blog fans, last year was so busy that we dropped the blog altogether, even while we turned out bigger and better designs every week! We also gave our website a total makeover! So in the end I am transferring all new posts to the relaunched website, click here to read the new blog.

On top of all that, we moved house and have restored a historic barn where we built a commercial kitchen to accommodate Cake Fiction. The barn has high ceilings with all the beams exposed, a mezzanine for consultations and large doors that open out to the garden letting in light and making it a delightful place to work and invite customers for tastings.

In the new blog I will modify the focus from just showcasing cakes, and will try and write some more extensive features on cake trends and also life in our fabulous new country setting Long Valley NJ.

Long Valley, Chester, Califon and the surrounding villages are a paradise year round. Walks in the State Parks, cycling on the Columbia Trail, petting animals and picking apples or other fruits at the local farms. We are 100 yeards from the heart of the village, where we have four restaurants to choose from.

Please come and visit us!

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