Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Improved Eggless Cake Recipes

Last week I had a request for eggless cakes to serve at an engagement party and also a wedding. So I went to work on some of my old eggless recipes to improve them, and I wanted to share the results of my delicious tasting with you!

Vanilla eggless cake - this was very light and fluffy, it had a white color, great for a wedding. I prepared a whipped Madagascar vanilla bean cream, which goes well with sliced fresh strawberries or red berries.

Eggless chocolate cake - the chocolate cake is amazing, very crumbly, but still moist and you wouldn't believe this was eggless, which tend to be heavy. I served the cake with a strawberry mousse, which is light and airy, then topped with shavings of Belgian chocolate.

Orange eggless cake - a yellow color and heavier, with more body than the vanilla cake. I decided to serve this with a whipped orange blossom cream and pieces of candied oranges.

Tempting huh?

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  1. Making eggless cakes can be challenging! I do it a lot since we have allergies in our household. These turned out great!