Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mosaic Wedding Cake Inspired by Gaudi

Our bridal couple were crazy about Barcelona and in particular fascinated by the architecture and designs of Antoni Gaudí in Park Güell. So I designed for them a four tier wedding cake with a swirling mosaic pattern.

Inside are layers of almond pound cake with amaretto moccha filling and covered in an eggshell color fondant. The cake is then decorated with cut out shapes of fondant in shades of pink and purple, with other pieces forming a ribbon around each tier in shades of blue and turquoise.

We delivered the cake to the Orange Lawn Tennis Club in South Orange NJ


  1. It's beautiful! I've always wanted to create a mosaic design - I sure hope someone asks for it!

  2. Juanita, thanks for the comment, I was waiting for this order too! And as soon as I post it, I get new inquiries from customers who say they want "that cake"! P.S. Congrats on fully booking June. We opened our new store last week (posted pics on Facebook) and are also choc-a-block, but now we have room now to grow. Paula