Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Coach Diaper Bag Cake for Baby Shower

A suprise cake for a pregnant mum and Coach bag fan!

We made a yellow vanilla cake with Belgian chocolate cream covered in pink fondant and with light green trims. The cake was carved in the form of a Coach diaper bag, with a baby bottle. The pink logos were carefully painted one by one using a series of hand cut templates and a food color spray gun.

We added a building block, pacifier and rattle sculpted with sugar paste placed on the cake board. The cake was delivered to a baby shower at Roma restaurant in North Arlington NJ.


  1. Nice!!! What do you cover the cake board with?

  2. It's a silver foil, which looked good with this design and most specialty cakes (or a gold foil). For wedding cakes we usually cover the board in fondant to match the cake.

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