Monday, April 26, 2010

New Yankee Stadium Retirement Cake

The honoree of a retirement party at the Imperia on Easton in Somerset NJ was a New York Yankees fan, so nothing less than a cake replica of the New Yankee Stadium was a fitting celebration of his 17 years service.

The almond pound cake has a chocolate raspberry filling. The cake is carved to scale, it includes advertising with a batting Derek Jeter on the main screen, the Yankees logo at the main entrance gate. The stadium is full with fondant Yankee fans.

This cake was so large that we needed to take it out through a window!


  1. wow thi is amazing girl :))

  2. Wow - that cake is amazing! The details must've taken forever.

  3. Great job on the stadium! So detailed!


  4. Thanks! We worked under floodlights, at night it's cooler so the buttercream dosn't melt.