Monday, March 8, 2010

Ultimate Fighting Championship Cake

What better for a fan of the Ultimate Fighting Championship than a UFC ring cake? This octagonal ring is made with layers of vanilla and chocolate fudge cake, plus a delicious cannoli filling. The cake is covered in a light gray fondant, with a mesh ring surround. Additional decorations include a pair of boxing gloves, a UFC champions belt and the sponsors logos (Bud Light, Harley Davidson Mortorcycles and TapOut). I know it's gruesome, but I also had a special request to add a splat of fondant blood on the ring! The cake was delivered to the birthday party in Fairfield NJ.


  1. Awesome! my boyfriend would love that cake!

  2. Thanks as always, it was created for a boyfriend (not mine!). Loved your dog cake posted yesterday, fabulous work. Paula