Sunday, September 6, 2009

Birch Wood Theme Wedding Cake

A beautiful wedding took place at St Margarites in Mendham NJ. We were pleased to deliver an original three tier cake wrapped in a birch bark fondant, tied with a fondant raffia and with several bunches of pink tulips. The couple's initials were carved into the second tier, as if it were a tree, and the cake was placed on a custom made wood display stand. The guests enjoyed the lemon and red velvet cake layers with lemon buttercream and raspberry jam in this peaceful woodland retreat.

The wedding photographer placed a fabulous angle of this cake on her blog, and the image was well appreciated by guests and her followers:

Our bride wrote to us to say "Thank you again for the WONDERFUL cake! People have been raving about it! It was beautiful and delicious!"

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  1. Hi Paula, Love the work you did on that birch tree cake. Amazing...I am just wondering how you got that birch tree look on the fondant...Any tips or how how to for me? Would love to try that on my own. ;)
    Hope to hear from you!